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Disability Action Transport Scheme

The Disability Transport Scheme provides a transport solution for people living in the urban area of Enniskillen. Fermanagh Community Transport provides this service on behalf of Disability Action.


This is a membership service and the criteria includes:


A) Registered Blind

B) 80 Years old +

C) Disability Living Allowance (Mobility)

D) Disability Living Allowance (Care)

E) Attendance Allowance (Care)

F) Doctor or Health Care Professional


If you meet any of these criteria you should call Disability Action in Belfast on 028 9029 7870 for an application pack.

Disability Action Transport Scheme

Individual Member Application Form

This form must be returned when completed to:


Disability Action Transport Scheme

Portside Business Park, 
189 Airport Road West, Belfast
BT3 9ED.

For more more information on the Disability Action Transport Service, please visit


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