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What We Provide

Rural Dial-A-Lift Door to Door Service (Outside of Enniskillen)

Dial-a-Lift (DAL) is a door-to-door service for those who live in rural areas and who are rurally or socially isolated due to lack of transport.  Dial a lift is a transport option for individuals living in rural areas.  We provide this service using our fleet of 16 seater minibuses and volunteer social cars.   Passengers can use their Smart Pass on this service. 

Disability Action Transport Scheme (Enniskillen)

The Disability Action Transport Scheme (DATS) provides a transport solution for people living in the town of Enniskillen.  FCT provides this service in Enniskillen on behalf of Disability Action.

Group Vehicle Hire

We can provide a minibus with or without a driver for the benefit of the local community organisations To reduce costs a group can nominate their own driver if they have an appropriate licence and training.

Driver & Volunteer Training

We provide MiDAS, PATS and Car/ MPV training for all our staff and volunteers as well for member groups and other organisations.

Travel Exclusions for Individual and Group Use

No Airport Runs

No Home to School Runs

No Private Hire Runs


Cannot Operate in The Republic of Ireland

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